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Peterson Deck Restoration, LLC
Deck Staining Specialists


Peterson Deck Restoration, LLC is a company that specializes in the pressure washing, staining and sealing of most exterior structures.  We only use the highest quality materials combined with superior workmanship.  We understand how vital it is to maintain and preserve your exterior structure and we take the stress and hassle out of the homeowners hands.  Year in and year out we do research and talk to other professionals to find out the longest lasting and most durable materials to extend the life of your deck.

Our deck staining procedure is a two-day process. Day one is when we will wash the deck to remove any dirt and debris which may be embedded in the wood. On day two we will sand and stain the deck. We make sure the wood has a moisture level below 12% before we begin, which allows the stain to penetrate into the grains. If the moisture level is appropriate we will begin to prepare staining. To prevent stain from getting on the house or objects below the deck, we place paper between the house and deck, and tarp off any area under the deck to collect drips. After staining is complete, the homeowner should wait 24 hours to let the stain dry and then they can begin to enjoy their new beautiful deck.